"Giving you Glamour for days and Beauty for Life!"



"HAIR BIZ: Tales of a New York Hairdresser" is an exciting, comedic must read for the salon stylist, owner, or impatient client sitting under the dryer in desperate need of a quick laugh to break up the monotony of the never ending salon antics and gossip. 

Hair Biz chronicles the life of a Brooklyn Hairstylist named "Charleena" who jumps from salon to salon in search of the perfect drama free workplace.

 Along her journey, she encounters many "Shady" characters, and several sticky situations that teach her valuable life lessons. No salon should ever be caught without a copy of Hair Biz on hand!  

Available for purchase now on in paperback version and in kindle format. Click on the "HAIR BIZ" book link directly to the left to order your copy today!

 Let's face it! Salons are gossip havens full of giggles, tales and up to the minute SHADE! Hairdressers are more than fabulous hair magicians. They are essentially therapists! Some of the interesting stories and delicious details that clients share are amazingly juicy to say the least! As your client sips on her complimentary glass of champagne, get ready for a yummy TELL ALL session that not only is sometimes TMI (too much info) but a fun exchange of dialogue and eye opening, jaw dropping experiences that could prove to be thought provoking and life changing! Women share some amazing stories in beauty salons with their hairdressers! Everything from love, sex, marriage, money, relationships, the kids and very little about hair! LOL! The hair salon has always been the place where women connect forming an unintentional sisterhood while exchanging life experiences. Some things are best kept between you and your hairdresser!  
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